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Embedded World Nuremberg Germany February 27 - March 1 2018

Cypherbridge returns to Embedded World for our eighth year running, exhibiting all new secure connectivity and partner solutions in Hall 4 stand 4-131!    Check out our latest SDKs and Toolkits, including advanced Authentication solutions, platform kits, and IoT Device to Cloud Kits!

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Then stop by to visit us and see the latest in embedded electronic data privacy, authentication and trust solutions!
Cypherbridge uSSH SDK adds SFTP 

Our industry proven uSSH SDK is deployed into a wide range of embedded platforms, providing secure remote access and data transfer. Expanding on the robust uSSH SDK framework, users can now deploy embedded SFTP for secure file transfers.  With this update, both SCP and SFTP are now supported, offering multiple options to interface to your preferred cloud server.  Click here for more information on the uSSH SDK features and options!

Cypherbridge Adds FIDO eUAF Toolkit

Cypherbridge announces their expanded FIDO Alliance solutions now include support for the UAF specification.  Cypherbridge is working with eWBM to introduce solutions based on FIDO Alliance UAF and U2F specifications powered by Synopsys Security IP.  Cypherbridge FIDO Toolkits are now integrated on eWBM MS500 and MS1000 SoC platforms to deliver solutions for consumer and IoT applications.  

To view the complete press announcement including market trends, quotes and additional resources click here

Click here for details on our FIDO Toolkit lineup, including U2F and UAF

Cypherbridge joins the FIDO Alliance February 2017

Cypherbridge is proud to announce membership in the FIDO Alliance.  The FIDO Alliance is a broadly backed industry consortium whose mission is to specify and deliver open, interoperable and scalable standards based multi-factor authentication security solutions.  Their global vision is driving to realize benefits including better security for online services, reduced cost for the enterprise, and simpler and safer consumer security and privacy.

Cypherbridge continues to expand their advanced Authentication solutions based on FIDO Alliance U2F and UAF standards.  Alliance membership increases our visibility and enhances the realization of our partnerships and product strategy to deliver root of trust and authentication solutions.

Learn more about the FIDO Alliance and its mission here

Embedded World Nuremberg Germany March 14-16 2017

Cypherbridge will again be exhibiting secure connectivity and partner solutions in Hall 4 stand 4-620.    Check out our latest SDKs and Toolkits, including advanced Authentication solutions based on FIDO Alliance U2F and UAF standards.    

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Then stop by to visit us and see the latest in embedded electronic data privacy, authentication and trust solutions!
Embedded World Nuremberg Germany February 23-25 2016

Cypherbridge showcases its secure connectivity software solutions with an expanded presence and added co-exhibitor demos in Hall 4 stand 4-449. Click here and register with voucher code B319155 to get your free Embedded World 2016 Exhibition Pass!  Then plan to drop by to check out our demos and learn more about our solutions integrated with our industry leading software and hardware partners.

Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas USA January 6-9 2016

Innovation is driving secure connectivity solutions for automotive, IoT, wearables, and more. Meet with us and check out the premier international tradeshow for cutting edge Consumer Technology, where software, hardware and connectivity come together to make it all happen. 
ARM TechCon 2015, Santa Clara Convention Center November 10-12 2015

We will be at ARM TechCon in Santa Clara.  W
e hope to see you there to check out the latest innovations in the ARM ecosystem!

Renesas DevCon 2015, Hyatt Regency, Orange County October 12-15 2015

Join us at Renesas DevCon 2015!  Stop by our stand for the latest SDKPac demos on the all-new Renesas Synergy Platform. 
We will also join the Security panel CP04BA October 12th from 4:30 - 5:15 where we will be talking about IoT Security and taking your questions. Don't miss it!

Announcing SDKPac for Renesas Synergy

Renesas rolls out the Synergy Platform, a fully integrated hardware and software solution.  It includes a high-performance Cortex M4 MCU, plus a complete software ecosystem based on the ThreadX/NetX RTOS/TCP SSP. Cypherbridge, an official Synergy VSA partner, delivers SDKPac for Synergy so you can hit the ground running on your Synergy project. 
 Add your favorite security and connectivity protocols with SDKPac, including uSSL TLS SDK, X509 certificates & key wrap options, dHTTPS Webserver, and uMQTT secure IoT Cloud Toolkit, integrated with Synergy DK-S7.

Announcing uMQTT Toolkit

Cypherbridge is pleased to announce the latest addition to our security connectivity portfolio, the uMQTT embedded Toolkit!

The MQTT protocol is taking the industry by storm, enabling lightweight highly scalable messaging for the Internet of Things and Big Data systems.  Customers can now drop-in our low footprint MQTT 3.1 client in their embedded applications to subscribe and publish message data to the cloud.

Forget about having to mix and match embedded MQTT and TLS from different suppliers.  The Cypherbridge uMQTT toolkit is a fully integrated embedded MQTTS solution. The uMQTT toolkit is integrated and tested with our uSSL SDK, for TLS based secure MQTT messages to the cloud.  

Embedded World, Nurnberg Germany February 24-26 2015

Register with voucher code B301142 and get your free exhibition pass here!

We will be showing cool demos and rolling out the latest Internet of Things secure connectivity solutions in Hall 4 stand 4-145.  Contact us prior to the event to reserve a meeting time, or just drop in to see our demos working with our industry leading partners in software and MCU platforms.

Then take a preview tour of the show and check out our lineup of IoT software solution demos here

Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas USA January 6-9 2015

Meet with us and check out the place where the Internet of Things meets the Consumer Electronics to see how rapid pace of innovation is accelerating secure connectivity solutions in consumer electronics.  The Internet of Things Showcase features over 900 exhibitors sharing innovations that brings the power of the cloud to smart devices.

Design Automation and Embedded Systems Conference

Cypherbridge distribution partner for Benelux region, Indes-IDS B.V., will deliver a comprehensive IoT Security session at the Design Automation Conference, Den Bosch Netherlands, on 29 October 2014.  This session will include a survey of embedded security solutions and applications including SSL/TLS, SSH, VPN, encrypted file system, and secure boot loader and safe software update.

uLoad Install Defender adds support for NXP LPC18xx
Cypherbridge Systems announces uLoad Install Defender Software Development Kit support for NXP LPC18xx Platforms. 
This latest addition to the uLoad product family continues to expand our security and device connectivity portfolio.  

uLoad-IDE for LPC18xx is based on the industry leading ARM® Keil® MDK-ARM microcontroller development tools for Cortex®-M platforms, and is supported on the Keil MCB1800 Evaluation Board running the high-performance NXP LPC1857 Cortex-M3 SOC.

New Design Wins
We announced new platform support and the rollout of new Toolkits.  These customer driven solutions have been delivered for some of our latest design wins including:
  • uSSL SDK uCrypt and uFile toolkits on NXP LPC18x57, LPC1788, and LPC1768 platforms
  • uCrypt library on Atmel AT91SAM  RSA key processing for time and attendance access control system
  • We added AES hardware acceleration support for uFile encrypted file system toolkit on Keil MDK 5.11 
  • uLoad Install Defender for a pump controller manufacturer for field updates on STM32F4.  This solution includes an integrated plug & play device manager for removable MicroSD and USB file system support.

See you at ARM TechCon 2014
We will be attending ARM TechCon in Santa Clara October 1-3 2014.  Hope to see you there!

Embedded World 2014  - Install Defender and CDK Cloud Device Kit
We had a great show at Embedded World 2014 meeting with our customers and partners. We introduced our uLoad Install Defender; a solution that is designed to defend against malware installs exactly like the Target Data Breach. 

We also rolled out our CDK Cloud Device Kit, on STM32F4 FreeRTOS/lwIP and embedded Linux platforms, and demonstrated file sync and replication to a geo-redundant cloud data center over LTE wireless network.

We are pleased to announce support for the Keil MDK toolchain across our SDK product line, including SDKPac (uSSL and uSSH) and our uLoad product family: uLoad-Install Defender, uLoad-Device Firmware Edition and uLoad-Secure Edition.

New Platform Support
SDKPac is now supported on IAR 7.1 for Freescale K60 MQX/RTCS 4.0.

SDKPac is also now available for Codewarrior 10.x on Freescale K6x target running MQX/RTCS 4.0. 

We added support for Express Logic ThreadX/Netx Duo using TI Code Composer Studio 5.1 for OMAP-L138 target.

Embedded World was a great success! Our company mission, electronic data privacy, resonated with the conference attendees and our company partners.
We demonstrated our CDK Cloud Device Kit on STM32F4Discovery and embedded linux Beagle board platforms, where data was securely replicated over an LTE network to our CDK geo-redundant cloud data center, which synchronized to a Windows 8 desktop in the booth to exchange files with our embedded platforms. The CDK delivers a flexible, complete solution for enterprise-grade file sharing and collaboration.
We also introduced the newest addition to our uLoad SDK product family: The uLoad Install Defender. This innovative product controls software updates and distribution, authenticates their genuine origin, and blocks malware like the kind implicated in the well-publicized data breaches at point of sale terminals.
See us at Embedded World Conference in Nuremberg from February 25th-27th:
See all of our exciting product demonstrations and introductions, including the Cloud Device Kit CDK, and the latest addition to our uLoad product family, The uLoad Install Defender. 

Our CDK provides TLS secure batch transfer of files across the cloud to ensure integrity and privacy, together with a FAT32 encrypted local file system. The CDK ANSI C software includes client and server applications, platform interface layer, and is RTOS and TCP stack portable. 

The uLoad Install DefenderTM prevents malware and unlicensed software from being installed on target devices. This product delivers a flexible solution to safely install software updates from a variety of portable media, including removable USB flash drives. The encrypted image is authenticated to verify it is both genuine and authorized, and the media is un-hackable if it is lost or stolen. 

Visit our Exhibitor page to see some of the products we will be showcasing at Embedded World. 

New Platform Support for TIBIOS and MQX:
More and more customers are sourcing our SSL/TLS plus SSH SDK security pack combo, and we are ready to deliver the solution!
We are pleased to announce support for these new RTOS/TCP stacks and target CPUs:
TIBIOS 5.33.06 + NDK 2.0 on CCS toolchain.  Our SDKS are now available for all high performance TIBIOS / NDK based systems including TMS320C64XXCompared to other toolchains in the market, there are unique aspects of Code Composer Studio, not the least of which is that it is a ANSI C89.  Our SDKs have been tuned for CCS to handle differences in initialization and data types so you can hit the ground running with your project.

MQX 4.0 + RTCS on IAR toolchain.  
Our SDKs are now available on the popular Freescale Kinetis TWR-K60N512, and also supported on the new K64 120MHz CPU with 1MB Flash and 256KB SRAMOur SDKs can be easily dropped into your project for virtually any target that uses the MQX/RTCS platform build.

New Platform Support for FreeRTOS and lwIP:
FreeRTOS has taken the industry by storm. Our uSSH and uSSL SDKs have completed testing and are deliverable to customers today on FreeRTOS+lwIP.   This extends our support across more than a dozen different RTOS/TCP platforms including commercial RTOS/TCP, embedded Linux and Android.  uSSL/uSSH for FreeRTOS+lwIP is now available for platforms including the Freescale Kinetis TWR-K60N512, and ST Micro STM3240G-EVAL.

Get on Board with Cypherbridge and IAR Systems:
Everything we do at Cypherbridge is customer driven.  Most of our embedded SDKs are delivered on the IAR toolchain.  Why?  Because our customers want a go-to-project solution using IAR Embedded Workbench, the industry leading IDE for embedded systems.  IAR provides powerful code optimizations and comprehensive debugger features, including innovative Power Debugging technology, in a reliable and easy-to-use integrated development environment.  Lets face it, embedded software development can be complex, so why take on more risk with an unproven solution? Accelerate your time-to-market and get on board with Cypherbridge+IAR today.


SDK Evaluation Program:

Did you know that Cypherbridge offers an SDK evaluation program?  Qualified customers can evaluate our SDKs for 30 days.  The full-function evaluation SDK can be dropped in as a standalone project on your platform.  Hit the ground running to verify the features and try out the sample applications.  Before you know it the SDK is teed up to integrate with your project.  Contact us at for information on our Evaluation Program.

uLoad-DFE SDK: A Better Software Installer and Boot Loader:
Our uLoad SDK has undergone a major upgrade.  Our customers asked us for a solution to manage multiple firmware images, with flexible options to control image encryption.  These features have been in the SDK from day one, so now we've brought it all together and bundled it with our Windows GUI, in a streamlined SDK.

Free or low cost boot loaders and flash utilities have limited functions and have no way to handle multiple software versions.  The uLoad SDK delivers advanced features including multiple image management, robust image integrity checks, and recovery features including LNG, rollback, and factory safe-mode boot.  Software updates can be installed from USB or SD flash drives, serial port, or LAN/WAN network. 
  • uLoad-DFE Device Firmware Edition supports factory and clear text images with zero encryption or passphrase.  It is targeted for embedded systems that require multiple images and rollback features in a robust solution. 
  • uLoad-SE Secure Edition add a security model to control software updates using encrypted images with a security header, passphrase, and multi-level keys. Defend against hacking, reverse engineering and cloning, and control software option keys to enable optional product features.
Take it to the next level. The uLoad-DFE and uLoad-SE SDK is available today on platforms including CortexMx and NXP3250.

Trade Show Calendar

ARM TechCon, Santa Clara,  10-12 Nov 2015

Renesas DevCon, Orange County, 12-15 Oct 2015

IoT World, San Francisco, 12 May 2015

Embedded World, Nuremberg Germany, 24-26 February 2015

ARM TechCon, Santa Clara CA 1-3 October 2014

Designing with Freescale Seminar Series, Paris, 15 October 2013

European Utility Week Conference and Exhibition, Amsterdam, 15-17 October 2013

Designing with Freescale Seminar Series, Sao Paulo Brazil, 24 October 2013

ARM TechCon, Santa Clara, CA 29-31 October 2013

Embedded World, Nuremberg Germany, 25-27 February 2014

RSA Conference San Francisco 2013:

We had a great RSA Conference in San Francisco February 25 – March 1. At our booth, we showed a demo of our new secure Cloud Device Kit launched with RTOS provider Express Logic.

The demo featured the Cloud Device Kit integrated in an energy management gateway deployed with a Fortune 10 company.  The gateway manages a smart building network, including smart switches and sensors.  The switches are wirelessly connected to the gateway, which manages the local in-building devices, archives energy records, and batch uploads records to a cloud server.  This demonstrated how the Cloud Device Kit, based on the industry proven uSSL SDK,  enables embedded devices to connect securely to the cloud with the CDK embedded JSON library.

At RSA, we also presented the new uVPN SDK supported on the Android platform. It's a unique, unified solution providing both IKE/IPsec network encryption plus firewall, which means users no longer have to combine two different, complex SDKs from multiple suppliers.

We look forward to showing these along with our vast portfolio of other cybersecurity products at new events in the coming months, follow our Twitter feed for more updates on this!

Press coverage and news releases:
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